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As mushroom expert Michael Kuo writes, Mycena fungi are ‘some of the most beautiful and elegant mushrooms on earth’ but, due to their often tiny size, they’re frequently overlooked. His advice is that we should all slow down and take the time to appreciate the beauty of small things. And I couldn’t agree more!


I think you can easily see why the Mycenoid fungi usually have a common name that includes the word bonnet: that cap shape is a dead giveaway. And their common names are often delightful, sometimes intriguing: Pinkedge bonnet, Frosty bonnet, Snapping bonnet, Pelargonium bonnet, Bleeding bonnet, Ferny bonnet, Nitrous bonnet, Vulgar bonnet and Cryptic bonnet, to name just a few. Like nearly all fungi, the Mycenoids can be difficult to identify and I don’t know the names of all of those in my photographs but I do think they’re all rather lovely.