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Ragged robin (Silene flos-cuculi) certainly lives up to its name. To me, it always looks a tad stressed, a touch frayed around the edges, a bit frazzled, as if it’s had a long hard day in the meadows, but its distinctive ragged shape does at least make it one of the easiest British wildflowers to identify.

Ragged robin (4)

I say ‘always’ but I don’t actually see this pretty native very often. Perhaps that’s because it prefers to dip its feet into the damper grass- and woodlands, though the word is that it has declined in recent years in many parts of Britain, mostly due to agriculture taking over its habitats.

It was, then, even more special to spot these plants in one of my local wild places this week, and I wasn’t the only one smiling at the sight. The bees were obviously pleased to see them too! Ragged Robin flowers from May through to August so I hope you’re lucky enough to spot some too.

Ragged robin (1)