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I don’t think it will be long before this young House martin fledges and heads out into the wide blue yonder.

190805 house martins (1)

These nests are in a local street that I’ve blogged about previously, which I checked up on during a wander around the town today.

190805 house martins (2)

Several of the nests were still occupied with, what I assume to be, second broods of chicks. There are actually two in this nest – you can just see the beak of the second on the left.

190805 house martins (3)

When there are two nests sharing a ledge, there does seem to be the occasional spat with the neighbours, though I think junior, on the right, is more interested in whether adult, on the left, is bringing food.

190805 house martins (4)

Finally, one of its parents has arrived bearing snacks.

190805 house martins (5)