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As many of us are doing during our Covid-19 lockdown, and as I don’t have the solace of a garden, I’ve been spending a lot of time staring out my windows. And one thing that has been entertaining me has been the antics of a pair of Jackdaws who are nest-building in a neighbour’s chimney. They’ve chosen a great spot, well weather protected and in the house of a woman who constantly has her bird-feeders full.

200330 jackdaws 200303

3 March. It was before the lockdown that I first noticed a little courtship grooming happening, and it was a couple more weeks before the couple decided to build a nest together.

200330 jackdaws 200322 (1)200330 jackdaws 200322 (2)

22 March. Structural work has begun. Twigs, large and small, are being carted in from various neighbourhood locations.

26 March. A+ for effort. E for spatial awareness. I thought Jackdaws were meant to be smart birds.

200330 Jackdaws 200329

29 March. Delivery of the soft furnishings has begun.

200330 Jackdaws 200330

30 March. Today, activity seems to have stepped up a notch. Not only have I seen this wool (?) being brought in but both birds have been in the tree in front of my house, breaking off live twigs to take to the nest.

I’ll keep watching and bring you another update soon …