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Though I’m someone who prides myself on my observation skills, I have to admit I’ve failed dismally with my local Jackdaw family. Do you remember I posted back at the end of March about their courtship and nest building (Dawdling, 30 March)? After that, I regularly checked their nesting spot and would see them popping in and out of the chimney pot but I never noticed any signs of them feeding chicks. Yet, a chick has now fledged, though it still seems a bit dazed by the world outside its nest.

A couple of days ago it was sitting on a window ledge of the church hall opposite my house. It sat there for ages, despite the adults trying to coax it down on to the roof below.

200610 jackdaw family (3)

Then I heard an almighty ruckus. It seemed like the entire local population of Jackdaws had descended on the hall roof, and they were all jabbering at once. Turns out a Crow had noticed the juvenile Jackdaw and was trying to get close to it, perhaps thinking it would make an easy meal.

200610 jackdaw family (4)

The young Jackdaw panicked and flew on to the hall roof but one of its parents immediately flew up next to it, and all the others started dive-bombing the Crow, which eventually gave up and flew off. Hopefully, the young Jackdaw has learnt a valuable life lesson and will stay out of harm’s way in future.