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A rustle of vegetation … an eye … who’s this lurking behind the ‘snipe paddock’ fence at Cosmeston?

200904 pheasant (1)

A female Pheasant? A common enough bird in the local countryside but not normally seen here in this dog-full park. She has quite short tail feathers and she’s not too bothered about my presence so I presume she’s a juvenile.

200904 pheasant (2)

It seems she’s quite partial to blackberries.

200904 pheasant (3)

Are there more of those delicious treats?

200904 pheasant (4)

Aha, yes, another ripe one.

200904 pheasant (5)

And, after scoffing those couple of berries, she wanders off in search of more.

200904 pheasant (6)