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This week’s Wildflower Hour challenge was to find yellow-flowered wildflowers currently in bloom. Here are my finds – a blast of spring sunshine to enjoy this Sunday evening:

210411 yellow (1)

Colt’s-foot, Dandelion, Gorse

210411 yellow (2)

Lesser celandine, Marsh marigold, Meadow buttercup

210411 yellow (3)

Groundsel, Opposite-leaved golden saxifrage (perhaps a bit of a stretch to say this is yellow, but it does have ‘golden’ in its name), Yellow archangel

210411 yellow (4)

Prickly sow-thistle, Cowslips, Ragwort

210411 yellow (5)

Pushing the envelope on these ones but … Alexanders (greenish-yellow), Primrose (buttery yellow), Pussy willow (not strictly a wildflower, but I’m having it)