Something flitted close past my ear, pulling my hair, making a low thwack sound. I rubbed my neck, threaded my fingers through loose strands of hair, thinking an insect had landed on me … nothing. I pulled off and checked my cap … still nothing. Thirty minutes or so later, as I had finished my meander around the park, I took off my backpack to put my camera away and found this hitchhiker, a Caddisfly.

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Even as I unzipped my bag to get my macro camera, it remained motionless. I got down within inches of its face and took several photos, yet still it didn’t move. Eventually, wanting to get it off my backpack, I had to poke it gently with my finger and even then it just climbed on to my finger and moved slowly around my hand. I don’t think it was injured at all, just remarkably laid back about human contact. Finally, I managed to persuade it to climb on to a nearby bush where it could snooze in the sun in peace.

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