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Many times in recent months, I’ve read of people hearing the characteristic song (or, more correctly, stridulation) of Roesel’s bush-cricket (Roeseliana roeselii). It’s supposedly ‘long, monotonous and mechanical’. And so I’ve gone to its usual habitat of coarse vegetation, marshy areas, field borders and scruffy urban wasteland to listen, but heard nothing (maybe, as I’m getting older, I’m losing that sound frequency).

210925 roesel's bush-cricket (3)

So, I was over the moon earlier this week when I just happened to spot this handsome beastie enjoying the sunshine on a mound of dirt amongst the long grass at Cosmeston Lakes Country Park. I couldn’t get a very clear view, and didn’t want to get too close in case he jumped away, but I could see the distinctive ‘creamy border to the thorax’ so knew I’d finally found my cricket.

210925 roesel's bush-cricket (4)