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And so we come to the end of my A-to-Z showcase of some of the highlights of my ‘wild life’ in 2021. There was only ever one contender for the letter Z, Zorro, my find of Elm zigzag sawfly larval feeding tracks on a Wych elm leaf, a first record for this species in Wales.

211231 elm zigzag sawfly

Thanks, everyone, for following along on my journey through the wildlife of south Wales again this year. I truly appreciate all your likes and comments that inspire me to continue seeking and learning. And I hope these posts encourage you to look more closely at and appreciate the amazing natural world around us.

I hope to continue my daily posts in 2022, though I already know there will be some changes to my personal circumstances in the coming year, which may affect my ability to post or, quite possibly, the location I post from. I’ll write more about this when things become clearer.

One immediate change takes effect today – to save money I’ve cancelled my personalised domain name. I’m assured this should automatically revert to a generic wordpress domain – fingers crossed! – but I don’t know how this will affect, amongst other things, links in prior posts. I’ll be checking.