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160610 coryton roundabout (1)

You might think I’ve gone a little bonkers with today’s choice of site for day seven of Wales Biodiversity Week, but you’d be wrong. Officially known as Juncton 32, the Coryton roundabout, where the M4 motorway and the A470 spin around together, is the large roundabout in Wales and one of the largest in Britain. That means it contains large areas of green space within its boundaries and, as the Cardiff Naturalists Society can verify, it is a very rich habitat for all manner of plants and insects.

160610 coryton roundabout (2)

Yesterday was my first visit to this place. If you can ignore the constant traffic noise and the buzz from the large power pylons, it is a lovely patch for a wander, with parcels of mature trees and wedges of flower-filled meadows, which have the added bonus of an abundance of native orchids. Several species can be found here apparently, the Common spotted and Bee orchids, Twayblade and Broad-leaved helloborines, as well as the Pyramidal orchid. I also found quite a few critters enjoying their efflorescent surroundings. It was a most unexpectedly biodiverse location!