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Today is the second National Meadows Day, an initiative led by Plantlife, with contributions from 11 other organisations and with financial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, that aims to:

raise awareness of the desperate plight of wildflower meadows and grasslands and equip communities with the knowledge and skills to reverse this devastating trend, and
give people all over the UK the chance to visit, enjoy and learn about our wildflower meadows and grasslands.

160702 NatMeadows Day Barrage

Meadows are such magical places. The gorgeous flowers they contain provide food and shelter to all manner of wildlife, from pretty fluttering butterflies and hawking dragonflies, to wandering weevils and little leaf beetles. There are events happening all around Britain today so, if you’ve no plans yet for your afternoon, get out and enjoy a meadow near you.

160702 NatMeadows Day cosmeston

a blaze of Bird’s-foot trefoil at Cosmeston Lakes Country Park

160702 NatMeadows Day heath

daisies and buttercups at Heath Park

160702 NatMeadows Day Howardian

a gorgeous display of native orchids at Howardian Nature Reserve