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During yesterday’s walk to the stunning wildflower meadows neighbouring Cardiff’s Llanishen Reservoir, I detoured through Rhydypennau Wood to see what fungi might be about. There wasn’t a lot but I spotted some inkcaps sprouting amongst the moss on a fallen log so thought I’d get some photos.

160703 photobombing beetle (1)

The camera was out, I was kneeling in the leaf litter, leaning on the log, and had just taken my first shot when …

160703 photobombing beetle (2)

‘Oi, lady photographer leaning all over MY mossy log, I’m coming through!’, squeaked the Red-headed cardinal beetle.

160703 photobombing beetle (3)

It tootled along the log, through my shot, over MY inkcaps, and on its merry way.

160703 photobombing beetle (4)

And it left me laughing in its wake. Best photo bomb ever!