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I went for a wander along the Ely embankment yesterday and was delighted to discover a family of five Linnets, two adults and three exceedingly cute juveniles, all feeding on Herb Robert seeds. They started off with Mum and Dad feeding the youngsters but the kids soon got impatient and wanted more food more quickly.

180809 linnet (1)

Mum or Dad has just plucked one of the Herb Robert seed pods while …

180809 linnet (2)

… youngster is watching to see how this food-gathering process works.

180809 linnet (3)

“Now if I can just reach …”

180809 linnet (4)


180809 linnet (5)

“Now I’ve got the idea, I can help myself.”

180809 linnet (6)

Youngster looking rather pleased with itself.

180809 linnet (7)