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I expected my tree, this magnificent Acer pictum aka Acer mono, to be looking a little autumnal when I visited it in Cardiff’s Bute Park on Friday, but no.

180909 acer mono (1)

There were leaves that almost looked burnt, were dry and curling up, but that looked more like a hangover from the several weeks of drought and high temperatures we had in July and August, rather than the slow changing of colour you’d expect to see during autumn.

180909 acer mono (2)

Spot the Speckled wood butterfly perched high in the canopy – one of two I saw up there.

180909 acer mono (3)

Most of the foliage was still looking lush and vibrant and very green.

180909 acer mono (6)

Though a few lay scattered beneath the tree, most of its seeds were also still attached. I brought a couple of seed pods home, thinking to look at the seeds inside them. It wasn’t until I checked them later that I realised all the seeds had burst out of their pods. Next time …