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On Friday, after I’d paid a visit to the tree I’m following, I enjoyed a stroll along the trail in Cardiff’s Bute Park that meanders through mature woodland alongside the River Taff. Despite this summer’s drought conditions, the recent rains have revived the local trees and plants so everything was looking wonderfully lush and vibrant.

180910 Walk by the Taff (1)

A female Goosander sailing down river was a pleasant sight. Both males and females can often be seen on this part of the Taff from autumn through to spring.

180910 Walk by the Taff (2)

Near the far river bank, a Grey heron stood tall on one of the many exposed rocks and boulders. The river is quite low at the moment.

180910 Walk by the Taff (3)

There weren’t a lot of signs of autumn yet – only the leaves of the Horse chestnuts were yellowing and curling up and beginning to drop.

180910 Walk by the Taff (4)

A Speckled wood was well camouflaged on the woodland floor. There weren’t many butterflies around, just half a dozen Speckled woods and a few Small whites.

180910 Walk by the Taff (5)

A Mallard enjoyed a snooze near the river’s edge.

180910 Walk by the Taff (6)

I liked the colours and patterns of the pebbles and the occasionally blue sky reflected in the river water.

180910 Walk by the Taff (7)

This was one of two Mute swans feeding.

180910 Walk by the Taff (8)

I’ve seen this particular Carrion crow many times before when I’ve walked this way. I know it’s the same crow, not because of how it looks but because it has virtually no voice. It tries to croak but hardly any sound comes out.

180910 Walk by the Taff (9)

Most of the wildflowers have finished flowering but this Green alkanet was a pretty exception.

180910 Walk by the Taff (10)

Just a few hints of autumn showing here. I love how this path meanders through these magnificent trees.

180910 Walk by the Taff (11)

The woodland trail finishes just below Blackweir, where the current low water level means many rocks and boulders have been exposed. This was the perfect spot for a group of perhaps 20 Grey wagtails to fly-catch, and watching their aerial antics was the perfect end to my wander alongside the Taff.

180910 Walk by the Taff (12)