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I was watching this well-camouflaged Crab spider (probably Misumena vatia) restraining its prey when a mother and young son came walking along the path towards me. I could see and hear that the woman was pointing out various flowers and insects to her son so, rather than immediately step out of their way, I asked the boy if he wanted to see something cool. I pointed to where he should look and moved away a little, still conscious of maintaining a Covid-safe distance.

210814 spider and fly (1)

He was spellbound as I explained that the spider had been sitting on a white flower so it could use its white colour to trap the fly. He thought the spider was ‘sneaky’, and I could hear him and his mother still talking about the spider and ‘amazing Nature’ as they walked on. Well done to his mum for encouraging the boy’s interest. I think it’s so important that young people are inspired to look closer at the amazing natural world that surrounds them.

210814 spider and fly (2)