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Day 25 of #30DaysWild was hot – the hottest day of the year so far in Wales! I’m not a huge fan of the heat or the burning sun – one of the reasons I moved to Britain was to escape them, but the climate is a’changing. The only good thing about sunshine is that it brings out the Lepidoptera, the butterflies and moths, though even they looked a bit frantic, as if the heat was making them crazy. Still, on my Penarth – Lavernock – Cosmeston – Penarth circuit, I did manage to see my first Small skipper for the year and a host of other fantastic Leps as well.

180625 6-spot burnet

Six-spot burnet moth

180625 common blue

Common blue

180625 large skipper

Large skipper

180625 meadow brown

Meadow brown

180625 Pyrausta purpuralis

Pyrausta purpuralis moth

180625 ringlet


180625 small skipper

Small skipper

180625 small white

Small white

180625 speckled wood

Speckled wood