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This female Brimstone butterfly is minding her own business, having a drink, and has no idea she is about to be tackled from behind by two male Brimstones.

190520 brimstones (1)

After some mid-air tussling, she lands on a leaf and seems receptive to mating but which male will get to do the honours?

190520 brimstones (2)

The males engage in an aerial battle, while she waits with closed wings.

190520 brimstones (3)

The dominant male lands next to the female and seems to try to force her wings apart.

190520 brimstones (4)

She opens her wings and you can almost see the glint in his eye!

190520 brimstones (5)

But, before he has time to mount the female, the second male returns to try his luck once more. The female closes her wings and the male tries again to force them open.

190520 brimstones (6)

Now both males are holding her wings down but they continue to battle over who is dominant.

190520 brimstones (7)

More male tussling follows, at which point the female gets fed up with waiting and flies off, the two males in hot pursuit.

190520 brimstones (8)