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One of the benefits of some local councils not mowing all the road verges at the moment is that wildflowers that would normally be strimmed to death are now being allowed to grow and bloom.

200512 Common blue butterfly (1)

Not only does this mean we get to enjoy their glorious rainbow of colours but the wildflowers’ pollen and nectar also provide a nutritious feast for all the newly emerging insects.

200512 Common blue butterfly (2)

And it was on one such uncut verge that I spotted my first Common blue butterfly of the year today, this stunning, pristine, little male.

200512 Common blue butterfly (3)

If only the councils would mow less all the time, then we’d be able to enjoy both the flowers and the insects all through spring and summer, and it would also go a little way to reversing the huge decline in insect life that’s happening all over the world.

200512 Common blue butterfly (4)